Student Life

Finding My Voice

If you had told eight year old me that I would have been a blogger and author at 19, studying Astrophysics, she would’ve lost her damn mind. Writing has always been a core part of my life. The world of literature was never forced for me, as I danced with words and the mini universes created by my favorite novels. It was unlike anything I’ve ever done creatively where all of my skills were self taught. All the evenings cooped up in my school library, paid off. The world of words was home for such a different kid, that greeted me with open arms.

It’s especially interesting reflecting back on the path I’ve taken. I haven’t consistently written to write since my Freshman year of high school. The burden academia and school ranking took on me forced my hopes to be a writer to be put on hold. Whenever I thought about pursing it as a degree, I grew scared of sucking the life out of the practice. I had a bad professor my first semester of college that killed the creative part of writing for a long time for me. Now, being in such a nurturing writing space, not only has my writing improved and flourish immensely, but the quality of my life improved.

Each and every post I write is like an hour of my day that I take to confront myself. I dig into the deepest parts of myself to reflect all of my interactions and help give myself the tools to help my own self. Being critical gives purpose behind action, and reminds you of the bigger goals set for yourself. Being writer has also really solidified myself as a person. To have a strong voice within writing itself, you have to know who that voice is and what they believe in.

I’m glad to be a writer, and will continue to be a writer, unapologetically. It’s good to have a voice.


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