Mental Health, Student Life

Weekends Full of Tequila and Silog

Being on a week break has been the most revitalizing thing to happen to me since our last collective retreat in the summer. I’ve spent my whole weekend drinking, smoking, dancing, and eating my fill of whatever food comes my way. Now that’s it’s Monday, I’m completely wound down enjoying my 12 hour rest from the night before, lain on the couch as my favorite reality television show, Catfish, plays in the background. Everything feels light, and I feel very ready to tackle all my assignments on my own time this week.

I’ve been heavy with the weight of all our assignments from the past week on my shoulders. Barely able to get my eating under control due to financial stress, I’ve been feeling consumed by my classes. Recently, I had to spend $140 for a house emergency. That amount of money was for utilities, my groceries. I’ve been eating less and less, something I’ve used in the past to deal with my anxiety, in some effort to reduce grocery costs. I’m working at my bare bones right now, banking on being with my family for the week to feed me.

But now, with this week off, I feel ready. Partying all weekend isn’t necessarily always going to make me feel better, but feeling with my friends in a space full of food and laughter does. Being with people who care and love me deeply as we get stoned over silog has been my saving grace in all of this stress. This break, after the shift in political climate and the piling of assignments is what all of us needed. Most of all, it’s good to feel back, just as strong willed and ready to go as usual.


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