Mental Health, Social Justice & Organizing Work, U.S. Politics

An Open Letter to Every White Liberal On My Feed

Every morning since Trump was elected in as President, my social media feeds are riddled with hate crimes and sad liberals. It’s quite overwhelming for someone like myself, who uses spaces like Twitter as a place of refuge. A time where I sit and laugh about memes and vines without worrying about the weight that my political work has. Being a student organizer who deals with mental health issues is a huge challenge, trying to balance my schoolwork and general well-being. As an organizer, I’m faced with human rights violations and hate crimes every single day in my work, and so maintaining the balancing act of not letting it weigh me down is crucial to my ability to effectively not only organize, but be a person.

I’ve been robbed of that refuge. I don’t see jokes on my feed anymore, I see a bunch of white liberals screaming their heads of about Trump, trying to rally folks to get HRC elected in instead. I see my hometown falling victim to the hate Trump spews, Muslim women being choked by their own hijabs. I see everyone online screaming at one another, some liberals, after denouncing Trump, talking about working with him in office. What I’m not seeing is healing spaces.

No one is creating spaces for people like myself to heal from all of this. Brown and black folks, instead, are being yelled at for being third party voters. Fingers are being pointed at us for not voting for a presidential candidate, as if Trump’s “rise to power” is on our shoulders. No one is addressing the root causes of the issues of hate crimes. Everyone is in a state of hysteria, surprised that “racism still exists” when brown and black folks have been screaming for help all year.

I’m tired, and so are the rest of us. White liberals, I need you to step the fuck up and reevaluate this system we live in. I need all you to listen to your communities and stop taking up so much goddamn space to show how “progressive” and “safe” you are. I need you to amplify our voices, not yours. I need you to support and listen to us, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how “progressive” you may be if we’re all still getting attacked and slaughtered.


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