U.S. Politics

I Hate Electoral Politics

I’ve been waiting for Election Day the moment I knew Bernie Sanders was out of the race. With the lesser of two evils becoming increasingly similar the more we base our votes on fear than policies and accountability, I’ve grown sick of electoral politics. The system of red, blue, and swing states determining the points for each candidate, where a popular vote can be thrown out in a heartbeat over an electoral win, it’s hard to muster any sense of urgency to go out to the polls. When Election Day comes around, I haven’t completely thrown out my feelings towards this system, because as much as I disagree with it, I do know I’m also responsible to make sure I can survive under the weight of the system itself. Investing in local elections, Congress, and state propositions is the best investment you can make when voting for what’s directly going to affect you.

In California, Prop 64 pushes for weed legalization, something I can’t completely jump on board on. Marijuana will become a 21+ drug, leaving the door open for black and brown youth ages 18-20 to fall victim to mass incarceration. Capitalizing weed squashes small growers and clubs, and those who may use weed for medicinal purposes but don’t meet the age mark as young adults, are vulnerable to going an illegal, dangerous route.

I’m still not voting for a President. Especially living in a blue state, my vote doesn’t carry the same weight as someone who lives in a swing state. Regardless if we get a Clinton or a Trump, our country will be in a state of healing the shattering divides that continue to worsen. Change will only occur if people organize. Grassroots, pro-people movements are the reason we see change. How can you address a fundamentally flawed system within it?

This election is exhausting, and I’m ready for whatever shifts in the political terrain happen because of it. See y’all on the other side.


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