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I Don’t Give a Fuck About the First Amendment

I woke up this morning with no energy or excitement to go to my Astronomy lab class. Daly City/SF is currently pouring with rain and assaulting its civilians with wet socks and inverted umbrella. I generally love the rain in concept, but hate having to deal with it bouncing from class to class. The top half of my backpack is damp since my tiny, olive green umbrella can barely cover my head.

I couldn’t imagine anyone being able to accomplish anything outside of the buildings on campus, but somehow, hate finds a way. I was in my lab, not entirely listening to my professor as she repeated the instructions for the third time,  when I first caught wind of the Zionist propaganda flooding our campus. The propaganda specifically targeted the General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS), the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), and one of our beloved professors in the AMED (Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas) program. These groups were painted as “terrorists” in the posters and struck a feeling of disgust within our organization (LFS-SFSU) and anger for the hateful portrayal of our allies and friends.

I can’t describe exactly how I’m feeling right now, an hour after realizing what had happened. Our organizations are currently figuring out how to best support GUPS, emotionally and politically, but as individuals we’re angry. San Francisco, a city known for our inclusive, progressive agenda, is riddled with hate speech. Whoever is behind this campaign is spineless and has no real understanding how to constructively speak to issues they may oppose. This disposition is something that we generally see within groups who uphold the system; a heart full of hate and a mouthful of bullshit.

Regardless of your political stance, this direct attack on our community is something that should be denounced. People of our community, who even combat violent rhetoric with nonviolence, are being targeted and attacked. As a city that touts itself for its progressive agenda, I’m appalled how “under the rug” situations like these are dealt with. Hate speech will never be tolerated, regardless of association with the target. Whether or not those targeted in this context were our friends, lovers, or comrades it does not reduce the fact they are people.

I don’t give a fuck about your first amendment rights. Take your free speech, shove it up your ass, and realize the malevolent power hate speech has on communities of marginalized people.


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